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Heating and cooking with Propane Or Butane gas

We stock the following:


3.9kg Propane
Used for blowtorches and other small machinery. Screw on fitting.

6kg Propane
Used for small machinery and caravans. Screw on fitting.

11kg Propane
Used for heating and mobile catering. Screw on fitting.

11kg Patio
Used for patio heaters and gas BBQs. Clip on fitting.

18kg/19kg FLT
Used for fork lift trucks. Screw on fitting.

19kg Propane
Used for heating, cooking and catering. Screw on fitting.

47kg Propane
Used for central heating, space heaters and cooking. Screw on fitting.


4.5kg Butune
Used for small portable heaters, small machinery and caravans. Clip on fitting.

7kg Butane (21mm)
Used for gas heaters/fires. Clip on fitting.

13kg Butane (21mm)
Used for gas heaters/fires and BBQs. Clip on fitting.


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